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Bearing in mind that Bangladesh is already a country normally well under the international radar, its indigenous people face an even greater challenge in tapping international development resources. Additionally, as members of a not yet vocal minority, they possess even less access to the most basic resources that Bangladesh has to offer and in the immediate term, this means miniscule opportunities to obtain resources for education and health care. Coupled with the remote nature of many of the villages where these people live, the challenge of development for indigenous people increases in only one direction: exponentially upwards.

For me, creating ECDO-bd.org is about bringing about a small change in that lack of attention: in bringing awareness, we bring resources, and in bringing resources we create the opportunity for change. I am proud to have contributed my time and resources to this project and I hope that you, like me, carry this awareness into your future endeavours. Better yet, please make sure to keep the spirit of volunteerism alive in yourself and in others and consider work that changes the world around you in a positive way.

Michael Leung
Freelance Journalist, Designer and Photographer


Funding for the designer to come to Bangladesh and do this kind of IT work was made possible through the Netcorps program of the Canadian government.

Funding for the overhead costs of the site came from donations. I would like to acknowledge my donors here for their support during my August 2006 Fund-raising campaign, which in total raised $4,116 CAD for Mikey’s volunteer effort in Bangladesh.

I would also like to thank David Fono for donating the necessary hosting space for the first nine months.

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