State of the Rural Manipuris in Bangladesh

State of the Rural Manipuris in Bangladesh is ethnography of rural life construction of the Manipuri ethnic community in Bangladesh. Through everyday life analysis and ethnographic observation, authors Faisal Ahmmed and Lakshmikanta Singh explain the dimensions of Manipuri life.

Although few Manipuri people are concentrated in urban areas, most of them still live in rural areas. This population fill hesitates to introduce them as members of the indigenous community, making them a special group of ethnic community in Bangladesh. Manipuris also have different views on their ethnic formation, and never disclose their needs and problems outside their community, fearing loss of status. As a result, their situation remains largely unnoticed by policy makers and development organizations.

Like other indigenous communities of Bangladesh, Manipuri people are confronted with many issues, but no remarkable development initiative is seen among this community to address their needs. State of the Rural Manipuris in Bangladesh provides many untold and unnoticed community facts of the Manipuris who are living in remote villages.

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