Gender equality

Training on Gender & Women leadership ECDO is committed to achieving gender equality, which we believe is achievable through the empowerment of women.

Under Anagrasar Gonno Unnayan Prokolpo, we formed two women-only Community Based Organizations (CBOs), who have established their own development savings fund, which they use to fund community projects.

We have also provided income-generating training workshops in sewing and block boutique to women, which have empowered them to seek an income, independent from their male spouses.

The Bangladeshi government also prioritizes gender equality and implements two significant nation-wide programs targeted at women: Vulnerable Group Development (VGD) and Food for Work. We have facilitated a number of consultative meetings between indigenous communities and local government groups to aid the inclusion of indigenous women into these government activities. To date, we have helped 40 women gain 100 days of day labor under the VGD program, and more than 15 women to participate in the Food for Work program.

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