What we do

Since ECDO was established in 2002, we have undertaken a constant process of consultation with indigenous community leaders, and have endeavored to design and deliver projects which meet the fundamental needs of the indigenous people, and address some of their biggest problems.

Together with the indigenous communities, we have developed the following aims:

  • To provide the opportunity to receive formal primary education for every indigenous child, and higher education for competent indigenous adolescents in Sylhet Division.
  • To provide the opportunity for indigenous people to generate an income through specialised activities.
  • To establish gender equality amongst indigenous communities through the empowerment of women.
  • To provide access to primary health service facilities for all indigenous people.
  • To provide access to traditional birth assistance, delivered by indigenous women, for indigenous women in Sylhet Division.
  • To provide a greater means for indigenous people to legally protect their land and exercise their basic human rights.
  • To fight for the conservation and development of indigenous languages and culture.
  • To provide access to clean and safe drinking water for all indigenous communities.

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